Zeitun, which in Arabic means olive, is the green and unifying symbol of the Mediterranean space.

The meeting of Ermanno Panta, Sergi Gomez, Luati González and Daniel Abad, musicians from Sicily, Catalunya and Andalusia has spontaneously generated a unique sound: warm, enveloping and original.

The formation proposes a vibrant show in which both the original compositions and the traditional themes smell of southern soundscapes … from Spain and Italy.

Zeitun gathers the wonderful challenge of strengthening ties between these two shores of the Mediterranean, rediscovering ancient connections and creating innovative bridges.

In this way, the flamenco “palos” and the musical styles of the south of Italy such as tanguillos, sicilian ballettu, bulerías, taranto, tarantela, pizzica, tammorriata and tangos converge in a space of creation that tries to be equally respectful towards the tradition.

In the live performances, there is ample space for improvisation understood not only in a jazzy way but also according to a traditional perspective, turned to the search of the trance characteristic of the musical cultures ancestral of the Mediterranean.

Zeitun’s repertoire feeds on Sicilian Arab poetry and in particular on the work of Abu Al Arab, a poet from the city of Syracuse who emblematically ended his life in Seville (11th century). Hence the name of the show “Muses of Sicily and Ishbilia”.