Jose Ansoleaga Ayala

Jose Ansoleaga Ayala, is a Professional Holistic Landscape Designer.  With fifteen years of experience, he has accompanied high-quality, regionally-appropriate regenerative designs for both public and private clients in France, Italy and Spain . Degree in Geography  in Madrid. Studies in prevention of natural risks and ecosystemic restoration of the Mediterranean in France and Italy. And studies in Human Ecology and Hydroforestry Management in Norway.

By 2010 he settled down in the south of Mallorca, in the Baleric Islands, Spain. Since then, he offers Consultancy, Designing and Stewardship in Drylands Ecosystem & Watershed Management.

His studies and implementation works follow the lines of Bill Mollinson, Geoff Lawton, Brad Lancaster, Bill Zeedyk, Craig Sponholtz, Martin Crawford, Mark Shepard and Ernst Götsch.

 With this vast and varied experience to draw from, Permallorca focuses on the unique opportunities and environmental considerations associated with each project. We will find a perfect match for your challenge. Jose’s formal training is  BioGeography, Agroforestry and Ecological Succession in Drylands.

Tel: +34 645 66 31 41  –  677 015 575

 E-mail :


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