Dancers: Anna Sollinni, Kayvalia, Aida Fiol, Elisabeth Carre y Kalindy

The American tribal style ATS was born in America in the 60s and 70s from the junkets and jams of the time, very alternative dancers began to fuse the oriental with other dances of the world, creating an IMPROVISED style that is based on the connection of the tribe of dancers through a language of corporal signals, a Mix of dances of tribes and ethnicities of many parts of the world is inspired in the route “gypsy” of the world like Flamenco, Hindu, Balkans, Egypt, etc.

It is a dance language oriented to teach female power, the connection and strength of the tribe. In addition to the dance itself, various items like Ballet and Dance with swords or large baskets, American Tribal Style with big skirts, dance with fire fans and Led StAFF is used. A striking aesthetic is used rescuing ancient jewels and fabrics of different ethnic groups (Rajasthan, Tuareg, Tibetans, turkey, Bedouins, etc …)


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