The Oma Project is a mix of Shakti Dance Teachings and psicodélic music. 
Shakti dance is the yoga of dance, culminating in the merging of Shakti and Shiva; the individual drop with the all-embracing ocean of awareness. 

Is the combination of  Eight Phases, which implement insights drawn from Yogic Philosophy and the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It fuses breath, motion, and mindfulness, expanding and merging consciousness with the infinite being. 

Shakti dance in form is a unique and harmonious blend of Flowing Asanas, Rhythmic Breathing, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance, Relaxation, Still meditation and Mantra Movement Meditations ( Celestial Communications & Mantric Choreography). 

Shakti Dance opens the Flow of Prana in mind and body. 

This harmonization opens up to the ” Creative Spirit of Shakti” enabling ever present ” wakeful Being” to shine forth and give expression to the fullness of potential.  To open this wakeful spaciousness presence of our being we are using different ambient, downtempo and psychedelic tunes that help us to flow more gracefully into a transcendental state of being cultivating a free and creative expression of ourselves. 

We open up to move spontaneously into each phase as the music guides us without having any plan or expectation. The set is produced at the present moment to really tune with the ” now ” in every organic movement.