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One World Music Festival is an event offering music, dance, theatre, kids playground, arts & crafts market, healthy vegetarian foods & drinks, therapies, yoga and wellbeing activities to share and enjoy among families, children and friends.

OWM unites the cultures of the world through Music and Arts to nourish our bodies, brains and souls with Mallorca International Artistic and Educational Content that has never been offered at this scale.

OWM presents and promotes the best alternative artists in Mallorca and offers to the audience the largest choreographed spectacle ever been presented in the island.


OWM wants to promote local creative artists and teachers.

OWM aims to raise our consciousness about self-expression, ecology, wellbeing, personal development, clean energy, new technology to help our different cultures and our world to evolve in a positive, ecological, artistic and loving way.

OWM creates union and develops appreciation for multicultural lifestyle, producing a fertile ground for meeting people from all over the world, connect communities, inform about the diversity of our cultural landscape.

OWM is made of love to create oneness.


We are a group of conscious people and lovers of the world, of nature, music, the arts and the creative in all its aspects.

We are an intention towards happiness and we use personal expression as an instrument of realization.

We are aware of our natural and social environment.

We regard culture as the universal and spontaneous language of humanity.

We are the voice of the people, the artists, the adventure.

We honor our ancestors and our tribal origins as well as our technological progress.

We are curious, we like to study, to investigate, to learn and to realize our dreams.

We are creators, collaborators, producers and we love to promote local and international culture.

We aim for sustainability and we support balanced economy based on available resources.

We are not an entertainment company.

We are together co-creating our journey to infinity.

We are Oneness
We are One World


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